The law has a provision for the opportunity for you to make a medical negligence claim if it can be shown ‘on the balance of probability’ that the treatment that you received was carried out in a negligent fashion by the healthcare professionals involved and that this directly caused or contributed to your injury.

It can be quite difficult to pinpoint medical negligence, but there are a number of circumstances where it can clearly be argued that medical professionals have breached their duty of care and these include;

  • Improper or insufficient follow up care.
  • Performing procedures erroneously.
  • Error or delay in diagnosis of illness or injury.
  • Poor communication when risks are associated with procedures to patients
  • Error in administering treatment or administering drugs.

There is a catch to all this though; courts will have to consider whether a competent doctor would have acted in a similar manner as the defendant doctor, meaning that in case the doctor’s actions may have triggered the plaintiff’s personal injury, his actions may not be deemed negligent if it can be shown that they were the ‘reasonable’ actions of a medical professional given the information the doctor had and the specific circumstances.

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