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Legal Services Review



David Clementi

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  • For press enquiries please contact the Department for Constitutional Affairs Press Office on 020 7210 8512.

  • For any other enquiries please contact Nigel Reeder on 020 7210 8938 or write to:

    Nigel Reeder,
    Head of Regulatory Reform Branch,
    3rd Floor,
    Selborne House,
    54-60 Victoria Street,
    London SW1E 6QW
The Review Team

Reviewer: Sir David Clementi

Secretary to the Review: Sheila Spicer

Policy and analysis teams:
Heather Atkinson, Sanjay Ghosh, David Ince, Boaz Nathanson, Osama Rahman, Nigel Reeder

Secretariat: Mark Joannides, Catriona Macmillan, Susan Samuel

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